Adjustable Beds

Do you find it hard sleep at night ? – An electric adjustable bed may be the answer!
While adjustable beds have always been linked with the elderly, in fact all ages can benefit from an adjustable bed. This may be due to back pain or some other illness or condition. Whatever the reason  an electric adjustable bed  can be just the thing to help you to relax and get a good   night’s sleep.  An adjustable bed can be the ideal solution to help you find just the right position for that good night’s sleep.

Adjustable Beds and Mattresses

Mattresses are really important. In addition to  ensuring that you get the right electric adjustable bed to meet your needs, you should ensure that you don’t cut costs with buying a cheap mattress. Some people choose  to get a soft mattress in the belief that this will be more comfortable. Unfortunately this is often wrong – a softer mattress may not give you the support you require. Your adjustable bed retailer/supplier can recommend the best mattress for you, that will complement the bed you are buying.

Electric adjustable beds are generally available in all traditional sizes from small single to king size. However some suppliers such as Abberley Beds are able to make adjustable beds to your own specification. Adjustable beds are not just for the elderly or those with mobility problems – they are suitable for anyone looking for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Most adjustable beds come with their own mattress. However you may want to choose a different mattress for your electric adjustable bed. Many stores selling mattresses use a grading system to guide your purchase of a mattress. If you’re looking for a mattress which is firmer, or softer than your previous mattress, then you can use this system in place to be guided towards a mattress which you’re looking for.

Researching different types of mattress over the internet can be beneficial, but it is advisable that you view and test out the mattress in person before buying it. Most retailers have facilities for you to try out the mattress when considering whether to purchase it.


Adjustable Beds and Pillows

Don’t go to the expense of buying a new adjustable bed without considering your pillows. Similar to a mattress, a pillow which is either old or of poor quality can cause discomfort while trying to fall asleep. Pillows should be replaced every few months, due to the way that they pick up dead skin and dust mites rapidly. Ultimately, a good quality, new pillow can create comfort for your head as you try to sleep. Order Now.

Oakdale bed

Oakdale Adjustable Bed – comfort and style