Tempur memory foam mattress

Tempur Memory Foam Mattresses

Tempur offer a variety of sleep related products, of which their memory foam mattresses are their most notable. Since their beginnings in 1991, Tempur have experienced unrivalled success in the bed industry and have stores and outlets worldwide. Visiting one of these stores is recommended if buying a memory foam mattress, due to their wide range of options being best tried in person.

Original, Sensation and Cloud Memory Foam

Tempur offer three main types of memory foam mattress; Original, Sensation and Cloud. Tempur Original was the first design that Tempur offered, which has seen high sales globally. Such popularity leaves it with a reputation of being a positive option to take. Tempur Sensation is designed to give the feel of a traditional mattress, for those who like the feel of an ordinary mattress, but would benefit from the support that memory foam gives. And finally, Tempur Cloud is the softest option of the range, which promises extra support and comfort.

The quality that Tempur products provide leave their memory foam mattresses not being the cheapest end of the spectrum. However, often deals can be found when looking around, with Tempur’s website currently offering free memory foam pillows with every purchase.

Memory foam is a brilliant product that helps many people have a more comfortable night in bed.