Sleepeezee Beds

Sleepeezee prides itself as being one of the UK’s most highly respected bed suppliers. It aims to provide customers with beds and mattresses which mould to the shape of their body.

The standard Pocket Spring Sleepeezee range of beds come in four varieties: The Baroness, President, Backcare Luxury and Backcare Extreme, all offering varying levels of comfort and firmness, helping reduce back problems and aid sleep. A range of adjustable beds are also available. All beds have a visco cover. It is worth testing each bed in store, before purchasing. Sleepeezee offer a variety of beds, with single and double beds being produced.

After looking around for the best price, Sleepeezee beds can be found for a reasonable price, with extra offers also available such as warranties.

Sleepeezee mattresses come in four varieties: Concept 2000, Concept 1400, Concept 1200 and Concept 1000, with the number representing the number of springs in the mattress. The unique feature of Sleepeezee matresses is the technology which provide support for areas of the body under strain from a normal mattress. Both pocketed spring are used, along with memory foam to enable the best comfort for the user. As with the beds, it is worthwhile testing each mattress before making a purchase.

Sleepeezee are a choice brand of mattress for those suffering from back problems, due to sleepeezee producing some of their mattresses with back pain sufferers in mind. The Sleepeezee Backcare Extreme is the most ideal mattress produced by Sleepeezee for the purpose of alleviating pain and enabling a better nights sleep. Another popular mattress produced by Sleepeezee is the Concept 200 mattress, which also offers great comfort.

As with most mattress providers, all sizes including king, queen, double and single are available for purchase. Extras such as pillows are also available.


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