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Emma Mattress

The Emma Original is a versatile bed-in-a-box style mattress. Regardless of whether you sleep on your back, side or front, or indeed a combination of all three, it offers excellent levels of support and comfort. Not only that, but it’ll work with any type of bed base and never needs to be turned or rotated.

If you like a firmer mattress or you get very warm at night, it might not be the right mattress for you, though; have a look at traditional pocket sprung mattresses instead or perhaps hybrid foam mattresses such as the Simba Hybrid mattress. Otherwise, it’s easy to recommend the Emma Original, especially for couples who are struggling to find the right compromise in terms of firmness.

Emma Mattress Construction

The Emma Original’s construction is very simple, comprising of just three layers of foam. On the top, there’s a 25mm layer of “Airgocell” foam, which aims to relieve pressure while promoting ventilation. Next, there’s a 20mm layer of memory foam that provides pressure relief and support.

Finally, the mattress has a firm foam foundation. This final layer is the thickest at 195mm, with the aim of ensuring the mattress keeps you adequately supported, regardless of your and sleeping position and weight.

These three layers are encased in  a “climate regulating” cover, which splits into a breathable top cover and a grey side cover. Unlike most of its rivals, the top section of the Emma Original’s cover is completely removable and machine washable, so you can keep the mattress clean more easily at all times. This is a massive selling point for many users. The Emma Original also bucks another trend among its bed-in-a-box competitors in that it has handles on its sides, which make turning and moving the mattress much easier.

Emma Original Mattress- how firm?

The Emma mattress is not one of the firmer bed-in-a-box mattresses around and many people may find it a little on the soft side.

Emma Mattress – free trial

Top of the range mattresses are not cheap so you want to make sure you make the right choice. Emma offer you a money back deal. If you don’t like the mattress you can get a full refund as long as you notify them within 200 days.

Tempur Memory Foam

Tempur Memory Foam Mattresses

Tempur offer a variety of sleep related products, of which their memory foam mattresses are their most notable. Since their beginnings in 1991, Tempur have experienced unrivalled success in the bed industry and hold stores worldwide. Visiting one of these stores is recommended if buying a Tempur memory foam mattress, due to their wide range of options being best tried in person.

Tempur offer three main types of memory foam mattress; Tempur Original, Tempur Sensation and Tempur Cloud. Tempur Original was the first design that Tempur offered, which has seen high sales globally. Such popularity leaves it with a reputation of being a positive option to take. Tempur Sensation is designed to give the feel of a traditional mattress, for those who like the feel of an ordinary mattress, but would benefit from the support that memory foam gives. And finally, Tempur Cloud is the softest option of the Tempur range, which promises extra support and comfort.

The quality that Tempur products provide leave their memory foam mattresses not being the cheapest end of the spectrum. However, often deals can be found when looking around, with Tempur’s website currently offering free memory foam pillows with every purchase.




Unlike some of the other manufacturers that we have featured here, Slumberland do not specialise in adjustable automatic beds. Their beds and mattresses do however provide the additional comfort which will enable the user to sleep better and also help problems such as back back, whilst not being as expensive as an adjustable bed.

Slumberland provide a wide range of beds, which come in gold, silver and bronze grades according to their comfort and quality, largely based on the number of springs in the mattress. They offer beds and mattreses with memory foam, latex and pocket sprung technologies, which produce fine quality beds which many users have felt happy with.

One unique aspect of Slumberland’s catalogue is its provision of high quality sofa beds. Many sofabeds in houses provide little comfort for guests and Slumberland have sought to change this, with their stylish range of beds which will provide your guest with a sleep which will make their stay more enjoyable.


Sleepeezee Beds

Sleepeezee prides itself as being one of the UK’s most highly respected bed suppliers. It aims to provide customers with beds and mattresses which mould to the shape of their body.

The standard Pocket Spring Sleepeezee range of beds come in four varieties: The Baroness, President, Backcare Luxury and Backcare Extreme, all offering varying levels of comfort and firmness, helping reduce back problems and aid sleep. A range of adjustable beds are also available. All beds have a visco cover. It is worth testing each bed in store, before purchasing. Sleepeezee offer a variety of beds, with single and double beds being produced.

After looking around for the best price, Sleepeezee beds can be found for a reasonable price, with extra offers also available such as warranties.

Sleepeezee mattresses come in four varieties: Concept 2000, Concept 1400, Concept 1200 and Concept 1000, with the number representing the number of springs in the mattress. The unique feature of Sleepeezee matresses is the technology which provide support for areas of the body under strain from a normal mattress. Both pocketed spring are used, along with memory foam to enable the best comfort for the user. As with the beds, it is worthwhile testing each mattress before making a purchase.

Sleepeezee are a choice brand of mattress for those suffering from back problems, due to sleepeezee producing some of their mattresses with back pain sufferers in mind. The Sleepeezee Backcare Extreme is the most ideal mattress produced by Sleepeezee for the purpose of alleviating pain and enabling a better nights sleep. Another popular mattress produced by Sleepeezee is the Concept 200 mattress, which also offers great comfort.

As with most mattress providers, all sizes including king, queen, double and single are available for purchase. Extras such as pillows are also available.


Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattresses

Also known as visco elastic and slow release foam mattresses, the revolutionary technology contained within memory foam matresses has enabled many to experience the good night sleep that they thought they’d never have.

Memory foam was first designed by NASA to help cushion astronauts against the high G-forces they can experience in exiting and entering the earth’s atmosphere. However, it soon found its way onto the commercial market as soon as its benefits were recognised.

The mattresses consist of a unique type of heat and weight sensitive foam which moulds to your body and stays that way through the night. Ordinary mattresses do not mould to the human body in such a way, which leaves the body having to mould to the mattress. Ordinary mattresses can leave discomfort and back pain, as they do not fit to our back’s curved spine. However, memory foam works around a person’s back and suspends it, which relieves the pressure points that usually cause discomfort and pain. Memory foam can also relieve the symptoms of  other medical conditions, such as arthritis and headaches. Such mattresses are available to fit most beds, including king size, queen size, single and double beds.

When buying a memory foam mattress, the density of the foam must be considered. We would usually recommend a density of between 40-60kg, as this will provide comfort and durability of the mattress, whilst not overheating. To further prevent overheating of the mattress, we would recommend buying a coolmax cover. Cheap, discount mattresses are on the market and can be found after some research. Well known and reliable brands include Sealy, Novaform, Silentnight, Spa Sensations, Slumberland and Tempsoma.

As an alternative to purchasing a whole new mattress, a memory foam mattress topper can be purchased instead, which is fitted on top of your original mattress but still gives you the benefits of a memory foam mattress.

Choose the right duvet

Choosing the right duvet will definitely help you to sleep well at night. Many people use the same duvet all year round for all seasons. While this may be cheaper, it can also result in a loss of sleep. A thick duvet can cause overheating in the summer months and a thin duvet can result in coldness during the winter. Choosing a thick and a thin duvet cover is advised. Duvets can consist of either polyester or feathers and each type suits different types of people. Those with allergies can often prefer duvets made of synthetic material. However, more expensive duvets made of silk containing goose or duck feathers can last longer.

Duvet covers can also affect your night’s sleep. 100% cotton duvet covers are a must for summer months when temperatures rise. We recommend Egyptian cotton bed sheets due to their softness and durability.